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Exit ArchiveArchive for December 24th, 2005

Hello everyone. Meet the latest member of our family:

Dad and Holly

In case you’re not sure who I’m talking about, it’s the one in the gray. Er, okay, that wasn’t helpful…

Since my parents’ cat Sunny died a while back, my dad’s been very gung-ho about getting another cat. Yes, he’s been talking about it since I got here on Thursday, but he’s been on about it long before then. My folks have a second cat, Charlie, but they think having two cats is a good idea for when they go on trips and things. The cats can keep each other company. You know, play poker, watch DVDs from Netflix, make prank calls to the pizza place…

Well, dad broke down today. He went to the pet store early and came home with this cute creature. My sister came down and woke me up with her. Apparently, while I was still sleeping, they had already named her Holly. Full name, Holly Berry, in honor of Christmas. (I was up too late to chime in that that moniker was much too close to that of a certain famed actress, but they would not have listened to me anyway. No matter; I concede Holly’s a cute name.)

Here’s everyone enthralled with the little cat, who’s running around somewhere off screen:

The Family Watches Holly

My dad said Holly was the last cat in the store, which I find hard to believe. Not because my dad’s a noted liar, but because this is the sweetest kitten I have ever seen. She is curled up with me now, and has been since I’ve been putting this post together. My sister was kind enough to capture this with a snapshot:

Posting with Holly

Holly’s been nuzzling, purring, climbing up my chest to rub her head under my chin, and other extremely extra-cute things that you expect kittens to do, yet most of them don’t because they are scared or mean or just not very nice. Thanks to her utter cuteness and extra-special miniature feline neediness, I’ve been typing most of this with one hand. Tedious, but acceptable when a small, furry animal is nestled in the crook of your arm.

A Warm Little Bundle of Holly

Holly loves each and every one of us. It’s not enough for her to be in our laps; she must climb as far up us as she can. She has ridden my shoulders twice today. And lest you think she’s done nothing but cozy up to us, she’s had her share of fun running around the house to explore. But she’s good at multi-tasking: exploring, then nuzzling, then running, then cuddling. Franklin Covey is in her DNA.

Holly Asleep

Charlie’s not happy, but that’s how it goes. Holly is unafraid of Charlie, but Charlie’s pulling the whole “I’ve been scorned!” act. This tiny kitten getting the best of big, lumbering Charlie is amusing.

Well, here’s one last picture. As you may know, my dad is fond of accessorizing with Christmas bows (exhibits here and here), and enjoys teasing the cats by forcing them to accessorize as well. Holly got this treatment on her first day:

Bowed Holly

What a first day for this little fuzzy happy fun cat. And tomorrow’s Christmas. Oh, the paper! THE PAPER! It promises to be an exciting day for every one of us.

In case I don’t get online tomorrow because of all the paper, I’ll take this moment to say