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Exit ArchiveArchive for December 31st, 2005

Another greeting from the phone, 15 minutes from Mountain Time New Years. And a good way to start the new year: Winning Monopoly with $11,382 in assets. May the year be as good to you all!

Monopoly game

Okay, so I ran out of room on the last post (go read that one first). Here’s the last pic I wanted to send:



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I’ve been off the Net, but today was aquarium day (I’m in Denver), so I’m experimenting with a multi-picture post from my cell phone. If this doesn’t work… Well, then you’ll never know! (NOTE: I have now had a few moments to edit the entry into its proper order.)

First, it’s Nathan, Eddie, and Robbyn in a bubble!

Nathan, Eddie, and Robbyn in an aquarium bubble

Then it’s Eddie and a giant grouper!

Eddie and the giant grouper