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Another greeting from the phone, 15 minutes from Mountain Time New Years. And a good way to start the new year: Winning Monopoly with $11,382 in assets. May the year be as good to you all!

Monopoly game


G-Man Expounded Thusly:

Happy New Years Steve!

Sunday, January 1st, 2006 • 12:37pm • Permalink

Chuck Expounded Thusly:

YES, YES, congratulations.

more importantly…you CHOSE the wheelbarrow?

…either your pets both new and old have been eating the cool pieces (ie: the terrier, the race car, the BATTLESHIP, the thimble even, it doubles as a childsize shot glass should you come accross hard times not collecting suffienct rent, the guy riding a horse, A SACK OF MONEY.) or i simply do not get it. its like eating the red balloons in the lucky charms, unlike their lucky counterparters (hearts,stars,horseshoes,clovers,and blue moons; pots of gold and rainbows) they simply don’t, like the wheelbarrow, live up to their greater purpose (or DO they.)

So I ventured to find out the logic behind the wheelbarrows. Why? because I’m on vacation, and I stumbled upon the following explanation:

Perhaps in anticipation of winning barrow-loads of money off your fellow players you choose the wheelbarrow. With a firm grip on the handles you’re unlikely to let commercial opportunities pass you by, Maneuverable, spacious, and designed to cope with bumps along the way, the course you steer is inexorably towards owning it all.

…so there you go. perhaps you know more about winning Monopoly with the less intimidating game pieces. It’s the “eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get caught in jet engines” application for boardgames. Perhaps this is why I only win when playing against 12 year olds. Perhaps I really should stop selecting the tophat becuase its the kickass-est one of them all.

OR perhaps my first thought was right and the cool ones were turned into kitty chow, but don’t fret:

I come with tidings of great joy, for in the city o-, oh much Charlie Brown Christmas this past week. You can buy replacements at

Monday, January 2nd, 2006 • 7:16pm • Permalink

Steve Expounded Thusly:

Really, I appreciate all the concern, but I always am the wheelbarrow. Why? Well, a few interesting reasons, one of which is not very interesting, actually:

1) The old Monopoly games did not have the bag of money or the battleship or [note for myself to insert other new tokens here once the subject has been properly researched, which will likely be never]. Now, I understand that it may be true that some of the very original tokens made a comeback once all the various deluxe editions of Monopoly started making their big splash on the game scene. However, when I was little, the aforementioned tokens were not available.

2) The wheel barrow may seem dull, but therein lies its beauty. It is cute to have a simple little wheel barrow to push around the board and make squeaky wheel noises with my mouth. Imagining carrying around the hoards of cash I always hope to win is the bonus.

3) I like it.

Thursday, January 5th, 2006 • 12:15am • Permalink


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