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Exit ArchiveArchive for January 10th, 2006

I have to admit that I have been excited about this morning’s Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld for days. DAYS. It’s horrifying, but true.

The keynote has begun but before all the exciting stuff is announced, I wanted to invite you to go to this site to see a funny clip taking audio from Bill Gates’ CES keynote, where he’s talking about Windows Vista, and marrying it to video of Mac OS X already doing the things Bill’s so dad-gum excited about.

Now, on to Steve…

UPDATE: So nothing too thrilling on the multi-media front from Stevie J. After going to CES, I can say that Microsoft and the rest are finally getting it. Using the Xbox 360 over vacation showed me that Microsoft is ready to pounce big time on merging the Web, multimedia, the PC and the living room. So is Apple, but Front Row is not exactly ready. Though I know for certain that Steve-o has got stuff up his sleeve where Front Row and the video iPod are merely precursors. Tantalizing visions of what Apple has in store for us!

Now, the Intel PowerBook! Er, I mean, MacBook. I am excited that I can finally replace my 12″ PowerBook with something faster, though I’ll wait for the 12″ MacBook to come out. A 15″ would be nice, but I love the 12″ size. What I’m NOT too happy about is this whole name change. I understand Apple wanting to get the Mac name in the name of the product, but PowerBook is such an iconic name. Everyone knows what a PowerBook is. MacBook is pretty obvious, too, but doesn’t sound as cool as PowerBook. I also guess, since this first Intel portable is a MacBook Pro, we can expect the iBooks to soon be re-named simply MacBook once they have Intel added.

The built-in iSight and the new magnetic power cord thingy are simply wonderful perks.

Oh, and I told Ken not to worry about his brand-new iMac being outdated. Sure, the new dual-core Intel iMac is much faster than his computer, but his G5 iMac still screams! And he’s loving it, certainly enjoying it over the PC he was using. Hooray.

I’d go into the updates to iWork, which affects me at work quite a bit, but that’s boring. (Though we already have ours on order… I’m such a good employee!) How about that iPod remote/FM tuner add-on? Golly gee!

Okay, the keynote is over and the Intel switch has begun. Now I gotta WORK!