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It’s too late. Jeff is in L.A. I’m at home with the dogs. They need baths.

I need to be up in the morning far too early because a rock hit my windshield and caused a crack, and because my insurance deductible is $500 I have to pay it out of pocket.

It’s been a while since I wrote on here. So I’ll launch the new year (plus 11 days) with some random stuff:

* Why did I not think Brokeback Mountain was “all that,” though I admit it was pretty good.

* I found out over the holidays that a friend of mine is HIV-positive. It’s amazing how people can give up on life thanks to a basically invisible virus.

* The dogs smell and need baths.

* We’re moving. We sold the house, I made a pretty substantial profit, and we’re going to become renters for a while.

* I don’t like moving.

* Oddity: I dislike avocados intensely but discovered something I had forgotten about myself: I like guacamole.

* The Chronicles of Narnia was much better than it had any right to be.

* King Kong proves that money does not equal quality.

* I have dry skin and it itches.

* The dogs smell and need baths.

* Buying on the Internet is way too much fun.

* I’ve learned in the past week that managing other people is a very different task than managing your own damned self.

* Steve may be the only other person I know who likes Monopoly; I always imagined I was alone.

* The more money you have, the faster it goes.

* The dogs smell and need baths.

Good night.

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Steve Expounded Thusly:

Hooray! A post from John, who has been busy climbing the Lucasfilm ladder and making what I can only imagine is several million dollars selling his house.

I also can not hep myself creating some tension by responding to some of his bullet points. Witness:

  • We always disagree on movies, so it’s no surprise that I truly believe Brokeback Mountain is an excellent movie. I’ve seen it twice and enjoyed it perhaps even more the second time. It’s perhaps not the “gay movie” people were hoping for. It’s simply an excellent forbidden love story with much subtlety.
  • Seems a tad harsh to bash your friend for giving up on live over an invisible virus. Give him time to come to grips with it. If after a few years he hasn’t rebounded and decided to live life as fully as he can, then maybe fault him. But I think finding out you have such a contagious, horrible virus that may eventually lead to a wasting death is terrible news that requires some mourning. Now, of course, I do not know anything beyond that, so if he’s already had his chance to move on and hasn’t okay.
  • Moving sucks. Though the last time I did it was cross-country in 1994. Maybe I’d find it fun and adventurous now! (Je le doubt.)
  • Maybe we do agree on this movie: Narnia was a good movie. Not great, had flaws, but it was good. Lucy was wonderful to watch and made the movie for me!
  • I liked King Kong. It had flaws, but I enjoyed it. I know I will regret bringing this up, but that CG Kong had more emotion and expression than almost anyone in any of the last three Lucas efforts.
  • The Four Seasons in Vegas provides L’Occitane products in their rooms. Really nice stuff! I stole as much of it as I could while I was staying there. The lotion has a nice smell and has made my dry (unitchy) skin quite lovely to behold.
  • Managing other people is no good if you are not even enamored of your own position. For instance, at work, I hate managing people in the office, but am better with it on the road during shows. When I have to manage anyone for a creative project outside of work, I enjoy it a lot.
  • There were 5 others playing Monopoly on new years eve, so there’s more people to join the I Like Monopoly club. And I know others, too. Don’t work, like an alcoholic, you’re not alone.
  • I hope your dogs will soon smell like L’Occitane.

And I have to say I am wildly displeased that my blog is not displaying these carefully-coded bullet points correctly. My apologies for the lack of line spacing. Grr, etc.

Thursday, January 12th, 2006 • 11:34am • Permalink


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