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Today has seen quite a collection of annoying news. Why most of it has come from Ars Technica is anyone’s guess, but I love the site, so why not?

If you thought the TSA was a giant boondoggle, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet; Meet the Registered Traveler program

Broadcast Flag praised, panned in Senate hearing

Google bows to Chinese demands

CIFA: The Pentagon’s very own domestic surveillance program

And on that last note (domestic spying), there was a terrifying interview with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on NPR yesterday. (Follow the link, then click on the Listen icon under the headline to hear how totally twisted our government is.) Thankfully, Michele Norris, whom I normally find annoying, pulls no punches in her questioning. What’s so sleazy about Gonzales’ answers is his use of positive phrases like, “That’s a good question,” and, “You’re absolutely right,” before launching into answers supporting stomach-turning policies.

There is so much wrong with all of these issues that I can hardly stand it. The Ars articles are wonderfully biased in pointing out such problems, and if you can’t pick out the issues with domestic spying in the NPR interview, you must be too far gone to be helped.

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