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Exit ArchiveArchive for January 27th, 2006
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While I’m stuck here waiting for my PowerBook’s new hard drive to fill itself back up with my old hard drive, I wanted to share something with everyone.

On Wednesday, four of us from work went on a field trip to Santa Monica to research high definition monitors at a store there. Beforehand, we went to lunch at El Cholo. It was very delicious, and though I’ve passed it by many times and wondered, “I wonder, is their food any good?” I have never stopped in. Sadly, I now know I’ve wasted years of happy Mexican food eating at a place local to me.

But that’s not the point.

The point is I now have a bag of El Cholo’s truly yummy pecan pralines. They are made with sugar, butter, corn syrup, and pecans, and nothing else. They are little hardened blops of delight! What makes eating them so much more interesting is that, when you open the bag and go in to take a sniff, you get the unmistakable aroma of the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland.

“This man has become too unstable for public consumption.” No, really. It’s true. The smell may be sweeter, but it is definitely of the same phylum. I do a double-sniff each time I open the bag, because I simply can not believe it to be true.

I will have the bag with me this weekend if anyone cares to snuffle.

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As if the monkey link weren’t enough, I have here some more links—a few good and one bad—for your cyberspace pleasure.

First off, witness Robb’s clever CSIing of a note he found in a parking lot. The note itself is fantastic, but Robb’s analysis is funny.

Then it’s off to Canada, where Nettwerk Records is defending an family against the RIAA. Hooray for taking a stand!

But then there’s California, who’s suing Rock Star Games for hiding that blistering hot java module (not it’s real name) in their Grand Theft Auto game. While in essence I agree that Rock Star should not have hidden it there and thus misled the consumer and the ratings board, the headline of this Wired article says it all. The game is pretty nasty, and yet somehow it was the sex that would give it an Adult rating, not all the killing and drug dealing and pimping.

Okay, if you’ve gone this far, you may as well read this great article about Steve Jobs and Disney. I posted it in a comment yesterday, but it’s good enough to exhume for display here.

After some aggravating, disheartening posts, here’s one that’s funny! Oh, except that it’s true. Oh, well.

Dance, Monkeys, Dance!