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All right, you gadget nerds and geeks! Here it is, a real Blu-ray player! Okay, it’s still a prototype, but compared to the other Blu-ray “players” we’ve used, this one actually plays the video off a Blu-ray disc and not a hidden hard drive.

The unit was incredibly buggy, but it worked enough for us to use it in our sales meeting last week. The image was blown up to the huge movie screen at the El Capitan theatre, and it looks astounding. The monitor you see there is a newly-released Panasonic professional HD LCD monitor. It is a gorgeous monitor! We bought four of them for use here at work.

Okay, have at it. The pics are clickabe so you can see larger, more drool-worthy pictures.

Blu-ray Player with Demo Disc Menu

Bl-ray Player with BD-RE Disc

Blu-ray Player Chicken Little CU

Blu-ray Player Angled

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