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While it is entirely obvious why this scene was originally cut (yet not entirely obvious why the stupid Han and Jaba scene was put back in), it’s still so cool to see something you’ve never seen before. This little tidbit was still in the comic book adaptation I had (the big-paged, two-volume one), but it definitely did not need to be in the movie.

What I do like about this is it shows the original Star Wars style, before super-CG sort of plasticized it all. (That’s funny to say, seeing that there was so much plastic in the original anyway!) But look at the room Luke walks into and meets Biggs, and the spare set when he an Biggs are walking, talking, and drinking. It may be stupid of me to call it realistic, but it sure beats the extraneous pomp and cold-hearted non-emotion of anything in the last three movies.

Blah blah blah. Anyway, enjoy the Biggs and Luke: Chummy Chums scene. While you can. Before it’s yanked down by Jabba the Lucas.

Thanks for the tip, Mr. D!

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