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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 10th, 2006

The Onion has been pretty poorly written lately. Since I subscribed to their RSS feed a little while ago, I’ve been reading it more often. (These days, if it doesn’t have an RSS feed, I forget it even exists. Boo to me!) I’m not sure what’s going on over there Onion-side, but they’ve let the quality of just about everything drop. The writing is worse, the proof-reading is horrible, and it’s simply less clever and often more stupid.

Thankfully, The Onion has recently been running articles from the past, a different year’s collection every day. The biggest thing that has jumped at me reading these old articles is how much we, meaning smart, non-Bush likers, can say “we told you so.” The Onion immediately nailed Bush for exactly what he was. A perfect example is an article featured today, from January 2001, before the September 11th attacks. There’s also this fantastic little piece of prescience from December 2000

Back in the day, these articles’ humor was all the more clever because they contained a twinge of truth that we could recognize from what we knew of Bush at the time. Today, of course, they are still cleverly written and humorous, but considering how correct they turned out to be, they have a new edge of “oh my God” to them. Yes, they are now a bit depressing!

That, my friends, is how brilliant The Onion is. Was. Hopefully still is. Once this special run of old articles is done, I hope The Onion can get back to its higher-quality roots. I’ll still be reading.

Now, back to my long silence. I’m rehearsing for my two plays and all that jazz, so I’m a bit distracted. Thank God for work time!