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Exit ArchiveArchive for August 13th, 2006

I know I love cereal, but this is ridiculous:

Cereal Bounty

Most of the cereals are easily recognizable, a couple aren’t, and two unmarked bags add a dash of mystery. Therefore, the first person to post a comment listing what each of the 14 boxes or bags of cereal is will win a box of the cereal of their choice, sent directly to them at any postal address. And when I say “of their choice,” I mean of their choice. It does not have to be shown in the picture. (Though it has to be available in the States. Nothing wacky from Japan, please!)

If any of the items in a list are too vague, I will ask for clarification.

I’m serious. List away! Who wouldn’t want free cereal?

HINT: Click on the picture for a larger version.