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Thanks to Robb’s recent post, I got to do a little reading on this horrible girlie band whose two members just happen to be fraternal twin white supremacists. Good lord!

I did seek out their site, but I won’t link to it here, following Robb’s wise lead. I’m not even going to say the name of the band. They don’t deserve any more Google hits. I will link to an article that was in GQ: “Minor Threat.” You can go from there if you want. Or from Robb’s post.

The hypocritical viewpoints of white supremacists, or really any racist, always shine so clearly when you simply let them speak for themselves. The article linked above is nicely neutral, something that is generally missing from journalism these days. The two moronic teens, Lamb and Lynx, demonstrate their ignorance and stupidity just by opening their mouths. As does their mother, April.

Here are some amusing (or are they scary?) quotes form the article. Though I was tempted to put in my own comments after each quote, I will let these close-minded nitwits speak for themselves.

* * * * * *

“I think, you know, if there was a war between the races,” [Lamb] says tentatively, “hopefully everybody will get their own little space. And that’s basically what we want, you know? So we don’t have to live with the other groups.”

How would they feel about a race war? “I don’t really know,” Lynx says dreamily.

“I think I would be glad,” Lamb says.

“Not about the war,” Lynx interjects, and Lamb quickly revises her answer.

In any event, neither one will be strapping on an assault rifle anytime soon. “I’m a girl!” Lamb says with a honking laugh. “I think the boys should be fighting and the girls stay home!”

“And make babies!” Lynx puts in

* * * * * *

[April complains] the grocery stores are going downhill. “They cater to certain foods I guess Hispanics want. Like, I guess Mexicans eat cactuses. And they’ll be selling those candles with paintings on the side? It’s like a Third World marketplace.”

* * * * * *

The more pressing issue, however, is what has happened on their block. Not long ago, a Mexican family moved in. “The other day, they were washing their car right out on the street,” April fumes. “They sit in their garage with the garage door wide open, just drinking beer. Just watch: You come back here in five years, the whole block will be mestizo.”

Later, I drive around the subdivision, but I don’t see any open garage doors or beer drinking. Every house is dead quiet and looks exactly the same.

* * * * * *

As for [Rudolf] Hess, the Gaedes see him, along with the rest of the Third Reich, as horribly misunderstood. “People want to depict everything that happened in World War II Germany as marching around killing Jews,” April says. “They don’t want to understand how the whole ideology of National Socialism is really a beautiful thing. I mean, it really is.”

* * * * * *

“I’m sure the Germans killed a lot of people,” April concedes. “But Stalin killed a lot of people, and the U.S. government killed a lot of people, too. Look, the lies concerning Adolf Hitler have become so bizarre. But think about it: He was a human being. Even if you believed in the final Solution, he’d still be a human being. The man’s been vilified.”

I point out that Jews have been vilified, too. Hitler, Jews—we’re all human, right? Well, no. “It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?” she replies. “I mean, they’ve been kicked out of every country in Europe. The history of the persecution—or prosecution—of the Jews didn’t start with Adolf Hitler. Now, why do you think that is?”


I’m Jewish myself—a fact April has already informed me she “kind of figured, from your nose”—but I manage a grin.

“Oh, my back just popped!” Lamb exclaims. “My God, did you hear that?”

* * * * * *

Lamb and Lynx clamber out of April’s minivan and carry their gear into a local recording studio to work on their new album. […] April has asked me not to reveal the name of the studio—the last time they recorded, she says, the engineer got death threats. “It’s unbelievable to me how intolerant these people are,” she says.

* * * * * *

And that’s that. I would love it if these people would go find “their own little space.” They can’t have this one called America. Where can they go that isn’t already inhabited by others? Hmm… There are islands of garbage out in the Pacific that they can have. They can call it the Archipelago of White Trashlvania.

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rodric the red Expounded Thusly:

Hate only brings more hate. These girls need to stop before their dreams of war come true. But when it does happen, the result won’t be so good…

Sunday, March 30th, 2008 • 10:33pm • Permalink


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