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Exit ArchiveArchive for November 28th, 2006

I’ve pretty much enjoyed the Get a Mac ads since their inception, but not since the Angel and Devil ad have I felt the need to post about them here (except the very funny Japanese versions).

Now comes a new ad where the PC tries to sell PCs from within the Mac ad itself. Subversive! I’m not sure how often in the history of advertising Company A has let the competitor’s “product” pitch itself without actually coming out and saying how product A is better. Here, Mac just lets PC look silly and seems dissapointed that their little friendship is being used for such tawdry hucksterism. It’s fun.

Get a Mac: PC Sales Pitch

Thanks to an apostrophe in the subject line, this did not get posted yesterday, as I’d intended. Ah, PHP! But now that I’m back home, here it is:

High over the coastline

Here is the view from Lorraine and Al’s condo in Boca. The blue ocean here makes one realize how dirty the ocean is in L.A.