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It used to be, back in the day, that you had to keep graphics on the Web as tiny as possible—in dimensions, to some extent, but more in data size. Well, screw all that! It’s almost 8 years later, and it’s time to throw all that moth-eaten caution to the wind!

Yes, I have a gallery. A high-bandwidth monstrosity of a gallery.

Steve's Snapshots

Click the link, the banner pic above, or on the Photo Wren wherever you see him on my site (such as the top of this page).

So far, I only have pictures up from Thanksgiving, but I intend to use the gallery to post more pictures than I have in recent years. As much as I love creating “guided experiential photo essays” like Lake Powell ’05, they take a lot of time and work, and I seem to not have as much of that as I used to. So now I intend to toss any ol’ collection of pictures up and let you sort through them all. I feel audiences appreciate their entertainment more when they work for it.

I say that in jest. In fact, I hope the gallery will be an interesting place to go. Maybe I can’t create a story as much in that format, but I can post full-size (or, at least, larger-size) pictures, and you, as a visitor, can browse them at your own pace, and even select pics to download or print via ShutterFly or other online print services. Isn’t that simply the bee’s knees?

Of course, Steve’s Snapshots has RSS feeds galore, so you can keep abreast of any additions in the coming eons.

Now, I just have to work out some final design issues (like getting rid of those ugly little icons that were too poorly designed to even work on dark backgrounds), but overall, I’m very happy with the results.

I will not divulge how much longer it took to prep Steve’s Snapshots than it would have taken to create a page for Lake Powell ’06, which is still on my invisible to do list. In fact, it took me until… what is it now, 3:12am? It took me many hours tonight to get the entire rest of my site ready for this new section. It’s quite a chore to make sure icons get added, the Library gets revamped, the old main page gets archived, and a new main page gets created. I had to create a whole new page for Shü und Belt since that’s important enough to keep around for good. Even the Peeps got moved! Well, not technically moved, but the link to them…

YAWN! Geez. It’s bad enough to be boring during the day, but at 3:19 in the morning? I seem to have cascaded into mundanity. Off to bed with me, and off to the gallery with you! Shoo!

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