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Exit ArchiveArchive for December 8th, 2006

I am off on a short work trip to Paris. This time, because of the duration and the lack of opportunity to see many sights, I’m not going to create a Europe LIVE! or France LIVE!

Nope, now that I’ve got a new gallery, why not put it to use? So I’ll be putting pictures up every (hopefully) day.

In fact, I am posting this while flying up in the air! I am currently over Newfoundland, 35,000 feet up, and the first round of pictures have been posted from the sky!!!!!

How’s that for exclamation points?

Our 747 to Overseasland

The exciting things about this trip so far: I get to finally fly on a 747 again! I get to fly Lufthansa! I have a new camera!

I was offered a non-stop from LAX to Paris, but it was on Delta. Ever since they deleted 28,000 miles of mine, I have refused to fly them. So while I have to stop over in Germany on both departing and returning trips, it’s okay. Besides, it’s Lufthansa! The cool seats we get are… but you’ll see some of that in the gallery.

So go visit the France 2006 album. To make sure you don’t miss a moment, subscribe to the RSS feed for the album, or the RSS feed for the whole gallery (while you’re in The Lobby).