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My friend Jin Ah was telling me that her already fashionable daughter was worried sick that Santa would bring her the wrong color shoes with all the wrong charms attached to it.

“Don’t worry, he will know,” said the tired mom.

“But HOW? HOW will he know?” the daughter insisted.

“Fine, do you want me to call him to make sure.”

“You mean YOU have his number!?!?”

It’s so cute how kids believe without a shadow of a doubt in such things. How I envy their innocence. I never believed in Santa Claus. I’ve always known it was just a hoax to get kids to behave. Tho once I did put my tooth in a sealed envelope under my pillow – just as a test, of course.  You can’t imagine just how unbelievably dumbfounded I was the next day when I unsealed the envelope to find a shiny dollar coin instead.

A tooth fairy?? For realz??

My whole world shook apart as my mind raced with crazy and daringÂthoughts that maybe there was indeed some magic left in this world. But within that same minute, I also consider that perhaps my mom replaced the tooth in the middle of night with the coin in a newly sealed envelope – tho that was so not like her to go through all that, I thought.

So the next time I lost my tooth, I tested my theory by tucking away my tooth under my pillow – but this time, I did not tell my mother… or father… or sister.

Of course, it was that next morning that finally killed off any remaining traces in me of whatever it is in kids that encourages them to ask, “But HOW? HOW WILL HE KNOW?”


Sam Expounded Thusly:

Even after I was told by my evil older sister that Santa Claus did not exist, I held onto the fiction for a couple more years. This was partly because I wanted to continue to get great presents on Christmas morning, and partly because I just WANTED so badly TO BELIEVE! Even today, on Christmas morning, I still am disappointed when I wake up and there is nothing under the tree. It’s sort of depressing that I couldn’t hold onto the fiction/reality just a couple more decades.

Thursday, December 14th, 2006 • 5:56pm • Permalink

Steve Expounded Thusly:

So maybe I haven’t believed in Santa for 30 years or thereabouts, but every Christmas, my Mom still puts presents out as being from Santa. She puts them out in advance, because who wants to wait for a bunch of grown kids to go to bed before stocking the tree with surprise gifts? I’m realizing now what a cool tradition it is, and unique. Maybe we can all still fake ourselves into believing in Santa!

Saturday, December 16th, 2006 • 6:05pm • Permalink

Mom Expounded Thusly:

Oh, Joy! When I first read the Santa comments on my RSS feed, I thought it was you, Steven, my son of all sons! I was so disappointed to read that you NEVER believed in Santa! Oh, Joy! When I finally read that it was thatmattdude who had such a deprived childhood! Matt, I am so sorry. Did someone spoil it along the way for you, or were you always just a realist? And thank you, Steven, for still enjoying the “Santa” presents. The world needs to believe in some kind of “magic”. I believe in magic!

Monday, December 18th, 2006 • 8:44am • Permalink


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