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Exit ArchiveArchive for January 29th, 2007

Speaking of corporate images, Apple has launched region-specific Get a Mac TV ads in Great Britain. (Great Britain is the big islandy thingy up off the north-west of Europe.) This follows region-specific ads for Japan. (Japan is the big islandy thingy over off the east coast of the various Koreas.) It’s fun to compare three versions of the same commercial, linking below.

The American Version: “Work vs. Home”

The Japanese Version: “円グラフ” (Pie Chart)

The British Version: “Pie Chart”

Interesting that the American one has a different name. “Pie Chart” makes much more sense. You can certainly tell how they’ve refined the same ad as it’s been re-shot for the other countries. For instance, the subtle differences between the American and Japanese versions demonstrate a more clever attack on the humor. When the Japanese PC says, “This light gray area can represent activities representative of fun and activity shameful to our ancestors,” not only did Apple shift the tone for the culture, but also made it more laugh-out-loud funny. (Translation provided by Jim’s Auto Body and Foreign Cultural Translation Service Station.)

The British one is a culmination of all that Apple has learned. The use of a physical pointer is key, because not only is it funnier than a laser pointer, but the Brits probably don’t have laser pointers yet. But the clincher in the British spot is the dialogue used for the pie chart sections themselves. “Hang-out time” and “kicking it” are good and all, but “shenanigans and tomfoolery” and “hijinks” are much funnier. Splitting “hijinks” further into sub-categories with yet more archaically British language is brilliant. Or, as the Brits like to say, “brilliant.”

The performances themselves are interesting… Maybe I’m nothing but an over-patriotic immigrant-hating Minuteman American redneck trailer-park floozy, but I believe the best acting comes from John and Justin in the American ads. The way John says “pie charts” is nothing short of comedic genius. The PC guy in the British ads is very funny, true, but the Mac guy seems a little… stiff. He’s stiffer than the Japanese guys. How is that possible? Must be all the bangers and mash and bubble and squeak. (If you think the Japanese guys are totally, like, so totally stiff, please take a moment to watch the Japanese PC guy boogie.)

I simply can not contain myself when I ponder the excitement of viewing Kazakhstani and Ugandan versions of the Mac ads. I do hope those are in the works!

Well, this is pretty amusing:

I couldn’t tell if this was oldish, or newish, or what. But then that new Kodak logo comes up at the end… Huh! Guess Kodak has a new logo! This must have been a CES video.