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Exit ArchiveArchive for February 12th, 2007

When I get saddened by modern instances of anti-gay bigotry, and when I wonder if there’s ever going to be true equality for us in society, all I have to do is remember that things have been much, much worse.

Take this video, for instance: Boys Beware

Ah, the moral, family-friendly olden days! Don’t you miss ’em? I have to wonder if Sid Davis produced a similar film, Girls Be Vigilant, where perfectly heterosexual men stalk Jane and Betty and Linda. These men aren’t mentally ill with the “demand for an intimate relationship with members of their own sex,” they’re just mentally ill with the demand for an intimate relationship with members of the opposite sex. Oh, and they happen to pray on kids. Yes, one is a pedophiliac, one is a homosexual. They are interchangeable, the only difference being sexual preference. (And, come to think of it, that term itself—sexual preference&#8212seems a bit incorrect. Isn’t a preference a choice of some kind? Guess it’s semantic.)