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This is quite priceless:

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Not really.

But quite nearly.

Fire from the 16th Floor

See more pictures in Steve’s Snapshots.

To explain: A big wildfire broke out today around 12:30 or so in the hills near Warner Bros. Studios. Marcy and Carol and I were enjoying a rare lunch out, and so were unaware of the fire for a while. Once the other patrons started talking about it and the sunlight became a deep orange, then we knew.

The flames were incredible seen from the east side of Disney studios on Riverside Drive, but when Marcy and I got back to the Tower Building, where we work, we had a great view of the flames and smoke.

Take a peek at the pics to see one of the many benefits of working in a very tall building.

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I know, I know… I have not been writing much lately. This can be blamed on several factors:

1. Heavy work on the sitcom. Yes, that’s the first time I’ve linked to it on The Wren Forum. Yes, I intend to add it to my home page. No, I don’t know when.

2. The CCPT benefit, in which I got to play a sneezer, a doctor, and a 19-year-old boy who does not know anything about sex. I am so horribly typecast…

3. Yet another sales meeting, this time with me being more “in charge,” whatever that means.

4. A new boyfriend. Er… man friend. (Thanks for that one, Chuck.) Yes, I’m talkin’ ’bout Fuz, whom some of you have met. He’s great. I have not gushed about him here because I don’t want to jinx anything. I mean, we’re both Piscean actor wannabes. With that pedigree, who can blame me?

So why am I writing today? Well, to provide yet another amusing video for you to watch. Jim Coughlin, with whom I’ve done improv and who was in Food Code, is regarded as one of L.A.’s leading standup comedians. That’s according to a J. D. Powers and Associates poll on the distribution and execution of disaster relief funds in non-hurricane-ready, earthquake-prone southern-Californian states.

See him do a funny bit about feng shui and cockroach birth control. And if you’re following this link far in the future, it will no doubt lead to a page containing more than just one funny snippet for you to enjoy. Or to a 404 page.

Once again, I’m sure I’m really late coming to the party on this one, but here’s a fun skit from MadTV. It mixes two things I love: Apple and Bitching About Our Stupid President.


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A certain Matt Blaze wins a psychic challenge brought by a certain James Randi. But he didn’t use his remote viewing powers, he used cryptography.

I knew you’d be intrigued!

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A site about street art: Wooster Collective.

And a few of the sites I visited from there:

Face2Face Project

William Hundley

The Cautese National Postal Disservice

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I have wonderful, thoughtful friends.

Following the escape of Chococat, I poured my heart out to everyone I knew. It was a trauma. A minor, insignificant trauma, but a trauma nonetheless.

Well, today, in the mail, I get the following note:

Chococat Note

Enclosed: a brand new Chococat bracelet! The note’s P.S. is unnecessary; I do have another, but I needed another one anyway. You know, for the sitcom.

Thanks, Teresa and Min! This is the best surprise!

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While my vinyl kid’s bracelet fashion trend has not taken off quite yet, apparently my sense of shoe fashion is already on its way to becoming legendary. View, if you will, this video still of “Guy,” whom I play in Life from the Inside:

The Shoes Guy Wears

See those nappy shoes, bought for their wackiness and completely clashing sense of both fashion and lack of fashion? Now please witness the following shot of a not-so-happy Sharon Stone:

The Shoes Sharon Stone Wears

Amazing! That I have such power over the fashion sense of others! And since I do wear my Chococat bracelet in Life from the Inside, expect the next paparazzi shots of Mizz Stone to include her wearing some tasty plastic wrist decoration featuring Chi Chai Monchan.

See more pictures of Sharon in Guy’s shoes!