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Who would come here to get any info on the shootings at Virginia Tech? Why would anyone come here? Why should I even post anything? What can I say that hasn’t been said?

I just find two things of incredible interest and want to put it down here.

The first is a set of plays written by Seung Cho, the killer. One is “Richard McBeef;” the second is “Mr. Brownstone.” Both are terrible plays in every way, written by a secluded, ignorant guy who had no working knowledge of the real world. Seung had no talent whatsoever. It’s an interesting glimpse into his head.

Second is this video on (I hope that link works). Of course, the awkwardness of the interviewer, the silly “newsiness” of her on-air delivery, is depressing to watch. But when this guy, Zach, breaks down at the end, it’s truly moving.

How do you get to a point where you can walk around, killing strangers point-blank? Watching their faces and seeing them die? I mean, if you’re not trained to do so by the military? It is not terribly surprising that these people always end up killing themselves. Do they kill themselves in the end when they realize that what they’ve done is unforgivable and they will most likely die anyway at the hands of the state? Or is it the capper on the emotional swell of hatred and self-loathing that started them on the rampage in the first place? Is that the eventual goal? Kill yourself, but take others with you first? All this has been asked before, but it comes up every time.

I’m sure there are some good books on this subject out there somewhere.

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