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So it seems the New York State Restaurant Association has filed suit to prevent a new law that requires some restaurants to post the calorie counts next to food items listed on menus. Do please to read about it here.

After having a discussion with Fuz last night about school vouchers and how, in my view, they are merely a move to privatize education and turn it into another American money-making industry that will, in the end, screw over pretty much everyone except those who can afford to swim above the quagmire, reading about this restaurant lawsuit just makes me shake my head. I can write paragraphs about this subject, but, sadly, I have to work! I have to work for my huge entertainment conglomerate that is partially responsible for this kind of industry malfeasance!

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Kristi Bright Expounded Thusly:

Hello Steve

My name is Kristi Bright. I am a graphic artist, photographer, and
web builder out of St. Louis, MO. I have been browsing your website
recently and thoroughly enjoy your industrial and geographic
dynamic as well as your creative perspectives on political issues.
I am currently working on a website for a small car insurance agency in
St. Louis. I would be absolutely honored to used some of your work
for the website. Especially your sunset traffic photo. All rights are obviously reserved to you, though I would be greatful
for your permission to copyright this photo and possibly others in the
near future.

I do business not only with small, private companies…but I also do
alot of music promotion for the underground generation where political
views thrive and speak to the masses. Your works of art genuinely
coincide with my own artistic perspectives. From one artist to
another…every bit of promotion leads you to success in the bigger
picture. Please contact me at your convenience to further discuss
this matter.

Thank You so much for your time and consideration.


Kristi Bright
[Contact info removed for safety!]

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007 • 8:08am • Permalink


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