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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 18th, 2007
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Just read this. I would have cried tears of joy.

Mike Davidson (one letter away from Sven’s dad’s name) has decided e-mail takes too long to answer, and that he finds that the more time it will take to answer the e-mail, the less likely he is to do so.

So I’m not alone in this. Hallelujah. My e-mail boxes are filled with unanswered—even unopened—e-mails for this very reason.

Mike’s solution is intruguing. He calls it His idea is that he will answer every e-mail in no more than five sentences.

I wonder, can I do this myself? Can I keep my answers short without seeming overly curt or rude? Would my mom understand? It certainly would make things easier when using the iPhone.

I shall be pondering this solution, and if some of you start receiving shorter e-mail replies, know that this is why.