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Exit ArchiveArchive for July 26th, 2007
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I’m feverishly trying to finish Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before someone in the lunch line lets loose with the ending. I want to avoid the embarrassment that the trial for manslaughter would bring. I also, of course, must avoid any mention of the book in the media. This requires distraction.

YouTube is synonymous with distraction. For instance:

Now, I love Timothy Dalton. I guess I love Mae West, if just for her legend status, as I have not seen much of her on the screen. I do not love… this. This preposterous “duet.” Timothy can’t sing, and Mae just says her words in her Mae way. Good heavens.

Next, take this fellow:

No, really, take him. Please.

Ba-dump BUMP!

I must concur that “manualism” is an actual talent. See, for instance, the amazing Handini.

The fun part of YouTube is simply following links from one video to the next. Handini has the following subscriber to his videos: Black Hercules DC. Since embedding of his videos is disabled, may I suggest you check out A Tribute to America, Part 3. A tribute to America, indeed! If by “tribute” you mean “swaying sack of manhood.”

Maybe a better distraction to all this video watching would be to start my own Faceball league.

Or maybe I just need to finish the damn book.

(Thanks to Sven and Fuz for sending those first two links.)