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Exit ArchiveArchive for August 15th, 2007
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It only took me forever, but I figured out the new code to use to bring back Wren Peeps (now cleverly called Wren Fwrends) and Linky Link Links (both in the sidebar)! Now maybe I’ll update them with new and exciting content. Or maybe I’ll wait a year or two do do that.

I also replaced my old RSS logos with the new, approved feed icon. The official icon color is orange, but it seems to glare out with so many of them on one page. How about blue? Which do you think is better?

Orange or Blue?

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Ars Technica once again has posted a very interesting article full of wonderful loathing for the industry in which I work. And, of course, I couldn’t agree with that loathing more. The article is about AACS and how it has to be implemented within an OS for that OS to “legally” play back Blu-ray content.

As Ars has also recently pointed out, DRM needs to be circumventable so people don’t end up with useless media. AACS is the messiest DRM yet.

Oh, sorry, is all this too esoteric and geeky? Then this should be more your speed.