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Spacey Leopard

No, sorry to mislead you in the headline… I’m not writing one. It’s already been done for me by someone who actually can write a big, detailed, geek-targeted Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard review.

Where is it? It’s over there, at Ars Technica. It’s by John Siracusa.

I started reading Ars Technica back when Mac OS X 10.4 came out and John had just as intricate a tale to weave about Tiger’s inner workings. I fell in love with the idea that there were people out there that would not only delve so deeply into a Mac OS review, but that there were others out there who would want to read it enough that a publication would have their reporter write it in the first place. Chicken and egg? No. Chegg! Just chegg. It all happens at once.

I am sitting here at work still, re-installing Leopard on my lowly little 12″ PowerBook. My first install, the easy upgrade option, didn’t seem to take too well. So I’m trying an archive and install now. My 12″ PB is, quite literally, the oldest machine upon which Leopard will install. It’s an 867MHz G4. That’s the bottom, friends!

So far, I’ve loved using Leopard on my work machine. The OS is a thing of beauty! A delight! And yet, as is well documented on the Web, some of the new UI design features are… quirky. Okay, okay… they’re downright stupid. The translucent menu bar and drop-down menus? Ridiculous! Makes everything muddy and harder to see at a glance. The 3-D Dock? Unlike some others out there, I’m okay with it, but I agree with them entirely that its angle and shadow-casting are stupid. Destroys many a well-designed icon. Tell me, if the Dock is supposed to be 3-D, why is the dotted divider line on the right not in proper perspective? It drives me nutty! Luckily, there’s a fix for the Dock if you can type a little Terminal. (It looks like this. Much nicer, I think.)

If you dig knowing the nitty-gritty of how the Mac works, read the review. It’s long, long, long… it took me most of my jury duty day to read it on my iPhone (iPhone! Yum!), but you can do it. You’ll also see why Microsoft has no clue what it’s doing. Apple is setting itself up for brilliance and the future of its platform, when all Microsoft can do is bloat its way about the OS stage like a pungent, rotting whale corpse.

BREAKING NEWS! My little PowerBook is so old, it can not handle the fancy translucency in 10.5. My menu bar and drop-down menus are blissfully free of translucent underclutter! Hooray for my PowerBook!

BREAKINGER NEWS! I take it back… My PB does have some translucency, but it is much less obvious, and it does not have the blur that my faster work machine has. Interesting…

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Remember this one post? Linking to funny songs that only designers would appreciate? (Well, actually, a few of the songs are general office comedy, so normal people like yourself would enjoy them, too.) One of the songs on that page, which you should have gone to visit by now, is “Make the Logo Bigger.”

Hold on to your hats! Here comes Make My Logo Bigger Cream! Be sure to watch the whole infomercial. It’s wonderful.

Oh, and I did call that toll-free number. It’s for Agency Fusion, who created the Make My Logo Bigger Cream site.