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The iPhone went on sale Friday in the UK and Germany. I’m so happy for the people in those countries.

I never did post my full impressions of my iPhone, but you can be assured it is now an irreplacable part of my gadget life, along with my 160GB iPod Classic, my Canon G9, and my 12" PowerBook G4.

(If one of those things seems older than the others to you, then your astutity is to be celebrated. My loved 5G iPod and my less-loved SD9000 were stolen at the last sales meeting, so I have brand-new devices to replace those. My little PowerBook, though still in perfect shape and wonderfully behaved, is too slow and old to suit my needs any more. However, Apple will be coming out with some new laptops soon, and I need to keep waiting to see what those are before I buy a replacement.)

I mentioned that Stephen Fry, known for his acting and wit, wrote at length about his iPhone and his own history of mobile communication devices. (See my own personal cell phone/PDA ownership survey.) In Stephens’ new tech column for The Guardian, he summarizes some of my own thoughts and feelings on the iPhone and the swirl of love and vitriol surrounding it. Do read it.

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