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Yes, I am about to upload my first post in a month, and it’s about Microsoft. Sorry, folks!

I am working on an intranet project at work. I am leading the design of the site… the actual graphics and look of the site. I have not yet decided if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that I now have to manage designers instead of doing any design myself. It’s most likely a mix.

This morning, I met with the people who are coding our graphics into the actual site. For our banner, I gave them PNGs with transparency, and they were showing me how the PNGs all end up inside gray boxes. The transparency was not working, so something must be wrong with the graphics. Of course, what browser were they using? Yes, IE6 for Windows XP.

I spat out my thoughts on how inept Microsoft is, then had them open the site in Firefox on a Mac. The PNGs worked fine. More Microsoft bashing from me at that point. Thanks to Microsoft’s ineptitude at supporting standards not their own, we now have to go about designing the banner in a whole different way.

A lot of the Websites I read these days talk about the gradual decline of Microsoft’s power. Building an empire of mediocrity that’s stanchioned by backhandedness and deceit is building an empire that will fail. It just so happens that one site today is discussing IE8 and yet another new kink Microsoft is adding to their already cruddy browser.

The B-List: “Legacy”

While I would love to write paragraphs about this, I’ll let the subject lie for now. And I hope this will be the start of a new string of consistent posting from me. Happy 2008!

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