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What’s the difference between an Apple app, a Google app, and your company’s app?

Take a look here and see for yourself!

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My name is Lekowicz, so I can not make fun of a name like Madarasz, which is, in its way, much easier to spell. In fact, I can not make fun of Madarasz, the man, at all, because he seems to have been a genius with the pen.

To wit:

Madarasz Pens Napoleon

(Click the image to see it larger. Too bad the JPEG compression is so bad.)

This is a sample page from a book about Louis Madarasz, scanned here for your delight. It’s at the website of The International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting. That they still use the term “penman” shows that this is an antiquated and fading art form. Too bad. For the artform, not for the gender-exclusive wording.

I got to the link from a summary of last year’s best fonts. Computers can’t equal the human quality of Madarasz, though they may try.

This is fantastic! A group of 207 people converged on Grand Central Station, mingled, and, at precisely the same moment, froze right in the middle of what they were doing. They stayed like that for 5 minutes, then, again all at once, continued on with what they were doing.

Ignore the super-silly low-rent TV newsmagazine music and sound effects and enjoy the art.