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It is finished. My 5,195-piece Millennium Falcon Lego set—which my friends bought me for my birthday in 2007, which I received in November, and which I started building in December—is finally all done. It sat there for months, mostly built, while I lived my life around it, feeling too guilty to spend my precious time finishing it.

Ah, but now it’s all done! I can use my dining room table again!

I took pictures of the whole process. I have a time-lapse movie of me building a small portion. I plan to post all of those in Steve’s Snapshots at some point.

While trying to get the blue “engines” to shine with a Maglight, I discovered some fun effects and got carried away taking lots of funky long-exposure pictures.

Whether I end up posting the rest of the pictures or not, thanks a ton to all the friends who pitched in to buy this ultimate set. You have to see it in person to appreciate its intricacy.

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I was awoken this morning around 8 by my dipshit upstairs neighbor, doing her usual banging and clomping and thumping. As I tried to get back to sleep, I realized I could not because there was a helicopter hovering outside, very near.

The sound was not the usual police-helicopter-circling noise. It was a loud, big chopper, something military-sounding.

I decided there must be something interesting to see, so I got out of bed, threw on clothes, grabbed my camera, and ventured into the gray spittle morning. When I rounded the corner down the block, this was going on:


I took all kinds of pictures and movies. The pics are up in my gallery.

The helicopter—a Sikorsky S-58T—was installing a new air conditioning unit at the top of a skyscraper. (It was, of course, also bringing down parts of the old unit.) The helicopter made trips back and forth, picking up and dropping off large parts connected to the chopper from a long cable. The pic above is during one of the helicopter’s refueling landings.

There were not many people around since it was early. We had to stay back, but I was amazed we were allowed to get as close as we did. I stayed around for almost an hour. At one point, as I was taking a movie, I wondered what would happen if the thing crashed there, in the middle of a major artery, between two skyscrapers and a high-rise apartment building. I don’t think the landing would have been this uneventful.

Nothing crashed, nothing came loose and plummeted to the ground. It was just your average, run-of-the-mill big-ass helicopter maintenance call.

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Joe Lieberman. Fighter for freedom! Defender of American values! Unless he doesn’t like you. Read here about Lieberman asking Google to remove all YouTube videos from radical Islamist organizations.

Google’s response is logical and considered. Thank goodness in this crazy age of radicalism on all sides that one company can be a voice for reason and—

Oh. Wait. Google, at the request of the Indian authorities, turned over information about a man who posted vulgar things about a politician? So much for that. I wonder what adhering to China’s laws will cause Google to do

Whatever Google does, I hope Joe Lieberman stops doing anything. Really, this man’s a lunatic. You can trust that I will refuse to take down this post if he sends me an official letter of complaint.


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The California Supreme Court ruling yesterday to allow same-sex marriages in the state was an overdue move ahead for sanity and common sense. The usual round of knob-heads who think it’s their business to get in other people’s business believe quite the opposite.

Knob-heads. They have ruined the country over the last 7 years. Now, granted, every generation thinks the country’s been on a road to ruin ever since it began (back in the 1950s, if you believe some people), but I think backwards sliding on social issues is a great sign of a country being ruined. Two steps forward, three steps back.

So what do I want to say to these knob-heads? I want to say what Fake Steve Jobs said today in his post about Obama and Silicon Valley. The second paragraph is a wonderful tirade, the kind of thing I’d love to say. So I’ll link to it instead and let my own voice be heard!

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This Joy of Tech made me laugh quite out loud! Quite yes! Quite funny! Please to take a look, quite.

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Mondays are my days to post on the Life from the Inside blog, and today I have chosen to bump the level of malarkey up a notch with my keen insight into the similarities between Iron Man and LFTI. I do hope you enjoy it.