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Since LFTI takes up so much of my time, I decided to post a more informative write-up about some of what we go through during pre-production. We put a lot of care and therefore a lot of work into the show. Go read all about it at the LFTI blog!

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There is so much to write about, yet here I am again writing about fluff. And this time almost literally.

I am loving this blog discovered through Very Short List. It’s…

Cake Wrecks.

Watch as Jen deconstructs poorly-realized “professional” cake creations! Did it look like this in the catalog…

…but end up looking like this in real life?

Then this is the blog for you!

And I thought good presentation designers were hard to find. I can’t imagine trying to staff the bazillion bakeries in America with talented, capable cake decorators. Impossible!

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I enjoy this bit at Daring Fireball regarding the iPhone 3G.

“Let’s just say it up front: the iPhone is the greatest piece of consumer electronics that has ever been made.”

I really do not know if I can disagree with that, even playing devil’s advocate. I can find no angle to take. My iPhone is the most useful device I’ve ever had, and it’s brilliantly fun to use.

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Want a good read, and confirmation of why Obama must be elected President over McCain? Then head on over to The New Yorker, whose endorsement of Obama is stated with intelligence and eloquence. These are the arguments that have to be made to those who think America’s okay after the last eight years, and that McCain will be an effective, healing leader.

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I was certainly enthusiastic about seeing more of those Bill Gates/Jerry Seinfeld ads. Yet once again, Microsoft crushes my mirth and destroys any hope of fun I was ready to have. Seinfeld is gone, and now we have this:

The Angel/Devil Get a Mac ad, while still being one of my favorites, is once again relevant in this regard: “Fun. We tried that once. It was nothing but pain and frustration.”

Daring Fireball, sans suprise, has fantastic insight into the Get a Mac ads and how these new I’m a PC ads merely reinforce the message of Apple’s own advertising. DF’s post also examines the high concept of having people portray computers (which I had talked about when the Angel/Devil ad first aired).

I can’t believe the Get a Mac ads have been running for over two years now. I wager the I’m a PC ads won’t last 6 months.