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I got my 3G iPad on Friday, and it’s been a lot of fun this weekend. Though really I’ve spent a lot of time sleeping so far to make up for last week’s VZW shoot. I’ve also spent the last few hours getting my act together by re-doing my Aperture library, hoping to use it for all my photo imports. These two shots were tweaked and exported from Aperture.

I’m also posting this from the iPad WordPress app (it could use a lot of work—getting links in is a manual affair, for instance, and pics are only inserted at the end, which requires cutting and pasting the code to where you need it) and using a Bluetooth keyboard. All right in front of my Mac Pro. Silly, but why the flying hell not? I got the photos to my iPad using Pastebot, which is a kick-ass app. It’s made for the iPhone, but it’s working just fine from the iPad as well.

UPDATE: Well, posting images form the WordPress iPad app is also a bit wonky in how it names pictures. So I trashed the files and uploaded them with decent names. And links to bigger versions. Well, so much for that!