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Those are wonderful pictures…I’m jealous.

No…not James Franco. I guess I’ll have to give you another guess or two. That seems only fair as there are always 3 guesses. 😉

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In that case, Hi Steve! I sent you an email (I think) so you probably know who I am, but if not, don’t peek. I’ll give you three hints and one guess. 🙂 1.Acting Class (I think we were 5). 2.Trip to Europe (I think it was ’85). 3.4th of July at your parents’ restaurant right after it closed with friends. Jay and I thought we were creating an amazing grilled chicken breast (I think the rest of you had burgers) which turned out plain and took forever and a day to thaw. It was a ton of fun though. Ok, so do you have a guess?

How many Steves are posting here, or are they all one in the same? I want to make sure I have run across the right Steve before I say “hi”. 🙂