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Mike Davidson (one letter away from Sven’s dad’s name) has decided e-mail takes too long to answer, and that he finds that the more time it will take to answer the e-mail, the less likely he is to do so.

So I’m not alone in this. Hallelujah. My e-mail boxes are filled with unanswered—even unopened—e-mails for this very reason.

Mike’s solution is intruguing. He calls it His idea is that he will answer every e-mail in no more than five sentences.

I wonder, can I do this myself? Can I keep my answers short without seeming overly curt or rude? Would my mom understand? It certainly would make things easier when using the iPhone.

I shall be pondering this solution, and if some of you start receiving shorter e-mail replies, know that this is why.

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This is a reminder, an advance notice, a hint, a suggestion, a post that may end up making your life feel richer and more fulfilling.

The Amazing Race begins again on Feb. 28.

To say it is worth watching would be an immense understatement.

Possible solutions to the dilemma:

1) Find another group to play volleyball with;

2) Keep going on Wednesdays and go to Marix and let him deal with it;

3) Completely ignore him;

4) Write him back, tell him to get a life and grow up.

Personally, I prefer 3 or 4.

Since you clearly LOVE the Hotel New York so much, you’ve got to go take a walk over to the Hotel Santa Fe. That’s where we spent a night last year. Wow. You’ll thank your lucky stars you’re staying at such a fun, luxurious, intricately themed hotel such as the New York once you see the Santa Fe — which is a bit like a Motel 6 without the class.

That form letter is hilarious, but shouldn’t you blot out portions of it. You never know who is reading your site. It makes me nervous (for you).

What?!?! No Turners this trip? I know….they’re so “Old Tate”.

If you get a chance, try to eat at the restaurant in the crypt at St. Martin in the Fields. Yummy food and creepy ambience.

:kiss: to Bryon and Nadine.