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Click the “homepage” link under my identity (or lack thereof) [NOTE: Click here instead. —Ed.] for some information on Faith Popcorn. I’d say you’re the new Faith Popcorn, but apparently the old one is still around.

I hope you had dinner. We ate Taco Bell and went to see “The Notebook.” Yes, “The Notebook.” And it wasn’t bad. Pretty GOOD, actually. Yes, I said it — I liked “The Notebook.” Sue me.

Um, I just watched “Food Code.”

I don’t get it.

What does it mean?

Sorry about the double post. You can delete it. The first thing I tried to write was rejected as being “either too long or too short.” Then it didn’t appear after I clicked “submit.” So I clicked “submit” again. Sorry.

By the way, the show was “Beautiful and Damned,” an alleged musical based on the lives of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. I can now say I have walked out on two live musicals in my life — and the first was “Seussical: The Musical.” Yes, a serious musical about F. Scott Fitzgerald is on par with “Seussical: The Musical.” I should have gone to see “The Goat.”.

Not that I want to get you off the subject — but maybe it would be good. One more two-second review:

THE TERMINAL — Interminable.

Two-second movie reviews for ya since you’ve been gone a while:

THE STEPFORD WIVES — Bum rap. Laugh-out-loud funny at times. What gives? See it.

HARRY POTTER — What’s he playing with under the sheets in the dark? Great effects. See it.

DAY AFTER TOMORROW — Just blow up the world already, Roland. Don’t see it.

"Troy" sucks. How can I say that more concisely? "Troy" is monkey poop. Although I must say I laughed quite a lot during the movie, particularly when Hector says to his wife, "If I die, do you remember what I told you?" That’s not so funny in and of itself (although the way Eric Bana delivers the line is amusing) — what had me laughing is that the film is so bad I kept adding my own "MST3K" lines (only in my head, of course), and I heard his wife answering, "Of course I remember: ‘Righty tighty, lefty loosy.’"

That pretty much seems the most important thing anyone can say before they die, anyway.

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I got to see the American pilot for The Office last night.


Another failure for American television! We just can’t get those British shows right out here. Why, oh, WHY do we bother?