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Yes, it is sad but true: Chococat has gone to the great beyond.

Well, maybe that’s not exactly true. Chococat is missing. Lost for good.

On my trip to Paris, I somehow misplaced or lost Chococat. I discovered this the day Sylvia and I moved from the Radisson to the New York Hotel. I could not for the life of me remember when I’d last seen it. Her. Him. Whatever it was. Did I take it off before going to sleep that first night? Did I not put it on the next morning? Or did Chococat snap off my wrist somewhere in Paris the night before? Or—HORRORS!—somewhere in the New York Hotel? I hope for Chococat’s sake it’s been lost in Paris. How much cooler than would be.

Before leaving the Radisson, before I even realized Chococat was gone, I had triple-checked the room for anything I might have left behind. I did not see Chococat then. Had I put it on already that morning and lost it somewhere? Did it come off setting up the equipment for the show? In the hall when I changed form my sweatshirt to the t-shirt because there was no A/C on in the ballroom?

As with any missing item or person, there are many questions.

The very, very sad thing is that I had retired Chococat earlier that week. Chococat is part of my costume in the not-so-secret sitcom project, and since it was starting to crack and crumble, I was going to only wear it for shoots. But just before leaving for Paris, I thought it’d be nice to take Chococat around the world. One last, fun trip to see exciting lands!

In fact, on the Parking Spot shuttle between the garage and the terminal, the only other passenger, a nice woman, commented on how cute Chococat was. From there, we had a nice conversation until the woman got off at Terminal 1 to fly to Albuquerque, New Mexico, for a spa trip. Chococat was the most conversation-inducing item of clothing I’ve ever worn, even more than my “I Heart Jesus Minnesota” t-shirt.

Oh, the pain! The sadness! Why did I not leave Chococat safe and snug in L.A.? My months-long attempts to find a replacement Chococat have been fruitless. The woman on the parking shuttle told me to keep looking, and I guess I will. But isn’t that like trying to replace a dog with a new puppy? I’m not sure it’d be the same, a brand new Chococat bracelet.

Woe is me.

WAIT A MINUTE! What’s that on eBay? Could it be…? It looks the same, but the picture does not show the colorful flower snaps… Maybe I’ll get a new puppy after all.

I am off on a short work trip to Paris. This time, because of the duration and the lack of opportunity to see many sights, I’m not going to create a Europe LIVE! or France LIVE!

Nope, now that I’ve got a new gallery, why not put it to use? So I’ll be putting pictures up every (hopefully) day.

In fact, I am posting this while flying up in the air! I am currently over Newfoundland, 35,000 feet up, and the first round of pictures have been posted from the sky!!!!!

How’s that for exclamation points?

Our 747 to Overseasland

The exciting things about this trip so far: I get to finally fly on a 747 again! I get to fly Lufthansa! I have a new camera!

I was offered a non-stop from LAX to Paris, but it was on Delta. Ever since they deleted 28,000 miles of mine, I have refused to fly them. So while I have to stop over in Germany on both departing and returning trips, it’s okay. Besides, it’s Lufthansa! The cool seats we get are… but you’ll see some of that in the gallery.

So go visit the France 2006 album. To make sure you don’t miss a moment, subscribe to the RSS feed for the album, or the RSS feed for the whole gallery (while you’re in The Lobby).

Me skimboarding

Today is Swanky Private Boca Raton Beach Club day, wherein I learned (sorta) how to skimboard. Thanks, Jake!

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Two coincidences today.

1: Phillip mentioning the Monty Python “Wafer Thin Mint” sketch before going to see Stranger than Fiction, which has that clip in it.

2: Molly starting today’s wet willy barrage, then seeing this restaurant next door to the theater:

Sign for Wet Willie's
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Molly and Jake play pool

Jake, 13, and Molly, 10, playing bar pool. Don’t call Child Services.

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A rhinoceros in Florida

We’re on a safari. In Florida. It’s pretty neato.

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Molly gives me another fancy hairdo

To relive my first year of Thanksgiving with the Reicherts in 2003, Molly gave me one of her signature hairdos.

UPDATE: She also got to me this summer…

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A Florida Thanksgiving

As the title says.

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Inside a mobile home

For the first few nights, Marcy and I will be staying in this trailer. Yes, this is a trailer! It’s monstrous.

SIlly signs in airport gift shop

I’m off to Florida for Thanksgiving this year instead of New York. Here are some signs they’re selling at an LAX shop. Yes, that’s L.A. for you! Hicksville.

Keen readers of this ether-bound discourse will be aware that I was away at Lake Powell over the recent Labor Day holiday. While I am not yet back in L.A., I was keen to post something tonight, as I had two spare “keen”s to use up before they got confiscated by the TSA.

SSneaky (who also goes by the name of SSneaky) said in a comment to the relevant post that good ol’ L.A. was hot, hot, hot over the holiday. Well, while Lake Powell was also, by any standard of measurement, hot, hot, hot, it was not as hot as you’d think it might be in the middle of the desert. (I almost typed “dessert.” Yum!) No, the sun was hot, but the air had a wonderful breeze that made it perfectly fine. Though my sister might have something to say about me calling it “perfectly fine.” But she can start her own blog!

Here, then, is a sneak peek pic. (Click on it for a larger version.)

Coyote as Seen through Binoculars

This was me experimenting with taking pictures through a pair of vintage (according to my dad) WWII binoculars. Within the cartoony circle, do please note a coyote, which creature made an appearance across the water from our campsite two days in a row. My parents said they had never seen coyotes in all their years camping on the shores of mighty, mighty Lake Powell. But late one night, the cry of the coyotes in Ultra-Proximity SupraSurround 360° sent a chill down all of our spines. (It also sent two of our party scampering for the boat in fear, but we won’t mention that.)

I promise to put a Lake Powell page up soon. I wager it will rival last year’s. And by “wager” I mean “no bets, please.”

A flower in my hair

One of Molly’s hair creations, this time in public, at an Italian restaurant.

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Xavier: Ear Plug Lunatic!

Jacob’s friend, Xavier, makes very good use of the free ear plugs at Sam Ash.

The Bar Mitzvah Crazy Kiddie Bus

Being the bus chaperone, I got to be on the crazy kids bus both before and after the party. Oy!

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Testing a video post: John plays Ziggy.

UPDATE: Never mind. That really didn’t work. I took the video away. I shall make it up to you by presenting a premium collection of high-quality vowels.


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Band in a Truck

Jacob’s dad, John, plays drums in two bands. This one is providing today’s entertainment at the school.

Wilson School's Tiny Ferris Wheel

At the 75th anniversary of Wilson School in Rockville Centre. This tiny ferris wheel is kinda like a little revolving prison for kids.

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Many Minivans in Rockville Centre

Post-bar mitzvah suburban Long Island sight.

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Marcy and Chuck at The Algonquin

Dinner and drinks at The Algonquin with Marcy and Chuck. Michelle and Alan not pictured.

Apple Store 5th Avenue Glass Cube

You knew I HAD to come here…

(I also discovered my posts weren’t posting, so I’m fixing them on one of the black MacBooks in the store. Weee. Couldn’t you just wriggle with excitement?)